Our expertise in this field allows us to help customers who have little understanding of plastic materials, as well as those with high technical requirements that are seeking a unique solution to a unique issue.

The ability of injection and blow molding technology to mold plastics into difficult shapes gives rise to the opportunity for cost reduction compared to other traditional materials by being lightweight, flexible and durable. El Badr Plastic Co. is able to ensure customers’ needs are met by providing optimum solutions for our customer’s molding requirements.

We use different materials to manufacture products requiring specific performance characteristics such as:

  • Extra high transparency
  • Resistance to shock at sub zero temperatures
  • Closures with related performance, safety, and tamper evidence requirements
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • UV resistance
  • Impact
  • resistance
  • Rigidness
  • Color matching
  • And many others…
  • Polyethylenes – Used in packaging, fast moving consumer goods and leisure items for its low cost and ease of processing.
  • Polypropylenes – Used in a wide selection of product sectors for its chemical and fatigue resistance and its low cost. As well as its relatively glossy finish and possible transparency.
  • ABS – Used in a wide range of domestic appliance products due to its glossy finish, dimensional stability and electroplating ability.
  • Polycarbonates – Used in our domestic appliance manufacture for its rigidity, toughness and transparency.
  • TPE – Used in the manufacturing of some of our medical and hygiene products due to its elastic wear resistance and impermeable properties.
  • Polystyrenes – Used in some of our packaging products for its rigidity, low cost and its odorless qualities
  • Acetals – Used in some machine & mechanical parts due to its tough and wear resistant qualities

We are specialists in providing outstanding products and services within the injection molding and extrusion blow molding fields.

Other materials not commonly used by us:

  • PEEK – Used in the automotive industry products as ‘metal replacement’ due to its high performance characteristics
  • Nylons – Good thermal and chemical resistance properties
  • Polyesters – High strength and rigidity